Chryse Gallery of Fine Art

Specialist Dealer in
Historical and Modern
Southeast Asian Paintings


In Ancient Greek geography Chryse referred to the region of Southeast Asia. Early cartographers have also used it to describe the Malay peninsula as the golden peninsula and the Philippines as the isles of gold. The name aptly represents the focus of our gallery.

The partners of the Gallery have been collectors of Southeast Asian paintings for over 20 years with a special interest in historical and modern paintings. We are committed to providing professional and expert advice for those who wish to build a Southeast Asian art collection, whether as a beginner or already in the thick of it. Feel free to contact us if you need consultancy or art valuation services.

We have an extensive network of contacts both institutional and among regional collectors and overseas dealers. We will be continually updating our stockroom whenever we come across rare works of interest. We are also committed to supporting and nurturing regional talents by providing them with a virtual space to showcase their works.