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ARTIST / F R Hidalgo

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Tropical landscape
F R Hidalgo

Watercolour on paper, 20 x 25 cm ,

No. 290

F R Hidalgo

b. 1855

Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo is widely regarded as one of the great Filipino painters of late 19th century, and is significant in Philippine art history. When he won a silver medal at the 1884 Madrid Exposition of Fine Arts, along with the gold win of fellow Filipino artist Juan Luna, it prompted a celebration with Nationalist leader Jose Rizal toasting to the 2 painters' good health and citing their win as evidence that Filipinos and Spaniards are equal.

Hidalgo's paintings can be found in major museums and private collections in the Philippines. The Lopez Museum holds a collection of his works including his drawings and sketches.

This rare work came originally from a collection in Spain. It is signed lower left "F R Hidalgo".