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"Masako Nishida, Exhibition Guard" / Bai Tianyuan

Masako Nishida, Exhibition Guard
Bai Tianyuan

Ink on rice paper, 106.4 x 66 cm , 2010

No: 103

Price : S$ 500  

Bai Tianyuan

b. 1992

Tian Yuan,currently pursuing her undergraduate studies at the School of Art Institute of Chicago, USA, is a young Singaporean artist to watch. She came to prominence in 2010 when as a Raffles Junior College student, her artwork "What" won the UOB Painting of the Year Award.

As part of her winnings, Tian Yan did an Artist-in-Residence at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in December 2010. The "Transition" series was painted during the Fukuoka sojourn. Utilising Chinese ink technique, the artist recorded with keen observation and great sensitivity, portraiture of various museum staff who had touched her life and helped her adjust to the new environment and changes during her residency there.

The Gallery is proud to present this series of ink works which were exhibited at her Solo Exhibition "Transitions", supported by UOB at ION Art Gallery, Singapore in 2011.