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Maw Lamyaing (Mon State) No 1 / Aye Min

Maw Lamyaing (Mon State) No 1

Maw Lamyaing (Mon State) No 1
Aye Min

Watercolour on paper, 38 x 28 cm , 2012

No: 122

Price : S$ 950  

Aye Min

b. 1969

Aye Min, a full time artist, lives and works in Yangon. His medium of choice is watercolour. Aye Min's favourite subject is old buildings which he seeks to record before rapid modernisation makes them varnish. In his watercolours, Aye Min often uses the wet on wet technique to skilfully capture the character of these buildings, the light and the street life surrounding them. He has exhibited widely both locally and abroad in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

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