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After the Monsoon Cloudburst / Abdullah Ariff

After the Monsoon Cloudburst

After the Monsoon Cloudburst
Abdullah Ariff

Watercolour on paper, 38.5 x 55 cm , 1955

No: 136

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After the Monsoon Cloudburst

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Abdullah Ariff

b. 1904

Abdullah Ariff was born in Penang. Together with Yong Mun Sun, he is acknowledged as one of the pioneers of Malaysian watercolour paintings. He is widely known as the first significant Western influenced Malay artist. He has a masterful handling of the watercolour medium and his impressionist style often engages the viewers with its details.

Ariff passed away in 1962. During his lifetime, he did not produce a large body of works. As a result not many are found either in private or state collection. In 2004 the Malaysian National Art Gallery honoured Ariff with a retrospective "A Hundred Years of Abdullah Ariff" and produced a major catalogue for the exhibition.