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Looking Up / Hong Sek Chern

Looking Up

Looking Up
Hong Sek Chern

Oil on canvas, 120 x 100 cm ,

No: 199


Hong Sek Chern

b. 1967

Hong Sek Chern who studied at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) and Goldsmith College (U.K.) is one of Singapore's leading contemporary ink painters. The one-time Head of Fine Art Dept at NAFA is also a multi-awardee. Her many awards include the prestigious UOB Painting of the Year Award in 2007. Her works can be found in public and private collections such as the National Gallery of Singapore and Taipei Fine Art Museum.

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Artwork Details

Looking up suggested "checking on" something, this case through use of Google Map Streetview as well as the idea of looking upwards. The vintage point is from the carpark looking up a block of HDB flats. The use of the rectangular frame at the bottom serves as a visual rupture to suggest conscious effort to see things differently inside the "box".