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Green Topeng / Yusof Ghani

Green Topeng

Green Topeng
Yusof Ghani

Oil on paper, 64 x 48 cm , 1992

No: 69

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Artwork Details

Yusof Ghani (born 1950) is Malaysia's leading abstract expressionist. Yusof who studied at George Mason University in Virginia, USA in 1979, was inspired by the likes of Jackson Pollock and De Kooning. On his return home, his developed his well known "Siri Tari" (dance) series. This was followed by his "Topeng" (mask) series which started in 1992. It was inspired by the ceremonial masks the artist saw during his trips to Sarawak where he observed the Kenyah and Kayan tribes in the 1980s. Yusof uses the mask as a motif to explore layers of human condition. Yusof has exhibited widely both within Malaysia and abroad, and his works can be found in major Malaysian public and private collections.

This large paper work is dated 1992 which is the beginning of the Topeng series.